Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Salam Pengenalan

I have been following Abedib and Dato Azahar (both are my schoolmates) blogs for quite sometime, got interested in Awang Goneng's Trengganuspeaks in his Kecek-Kecek and found Kata Kama in my search for pictures on Teluk Bidara beach. The demise of one fellow blogger, Ms Ruby Ahmad (Al Fatihah) has somehow made me realized that there are so many good bloggers out there that care for their fellow bloggers..

Following more blogs , however, landed me on some political blogs that somehow got me into thinking.. oh shoot how many good minds got in this quagmire of trying to put their words into others' mouths. These are minds that can make our earth a better place to live, what a waste!?. That push me back into thinking maybe I will write something that I should or can share with others..after I am no longer a cooley, afterall I am still an 8 to 5 worker.

However, in my excitement to comment on Kata Kama's nostalgic "To Sir With Love" the other day, I end up with a site that indicates that I have been blogging since March 2010.

Rather than appearing "nnawwok or lebong", Trengganuspeaks for cheating or bluffing, here I am on the last day of March 2010.. introducing my blog.. Minyak Gaz.

It should be Minyok Gah, Trengganuspeaks for kerosene.. the fuel that light up at least 12 years of my nights in Pulau Duyong, Trengganu, until I was fortunate enough to be nudged out of the island to go to Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak, Tanjung Malim. But then "Gah" is the Malay word for Megah(a word that does not always carry a good connotation) whereas Gaz is a French word for Gas.

Oil (Minyak) and Gas is an industry which I have been involved since joining Petronas since October 1979..thus Minyak Gaz is a subject matter very close to my heart.