Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tanpa suara dan wajah

Masih jauh rasanya
Perjalanan hidup ini
Semakin suci niatnya
Mencari redha ilahi

Makin longlai langkahnya
Menyusuri lembah ini
Tanpa suara pintanya
Bahkan wajah sekali

Telah terasa goyahnya
Sesekali terpesong begini
Kurang mengerti pangkalnya
Menyusuri laluan jerih ini

Kenapa begini payah
Mencari sedikit cinta
Tanpa kelibat wajah
Serta lunaknya suara

Bermujahadah lah ya akhi
Mengejar cinta suci abadi
Bercahayakan redha ilahi
Mungkinkah tergapai disini

Suruhan cinta kepada anbiya
Suruhan cinta kepada ilahi
Tanpa wajah dan suara
Miripkah cinta segila ini

Akan setiakah kau menanti?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tazkirah - my notes

It seems that there were few events that have been weighing the mind of many religious teachers(ustazs/ustazahs) during the last few days of fasting month (Ramadhan in 2012).
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On the night following the second day of Ramadhan after Isya Prayer, someone was said to be arrested for giving Tazkirah in AlRahman Mosque, a mosque in close vicinity of University Malaya .

Then there was a recent call for the need to curtail the tazkirah activity...

There are also Muslim who wrote pages to Imam and teacher complaining that tazkirah is unneccessary since there is already Terawih prayer during the Ramadhan.

An ustaz gave a Tazkirah on this subject matter in musolla DarusSalam in my Taman Bukit Teratai, Cheras the other night.

Verse 29 suratul Insan (076:029). Indeed, this is a reminder(tazkirah); so let anyone who so wishes, adopt a way to his lord.

Tazkirah is a command from Allah...
As AlQuran is guidance for human being, anyone who aim for Allah Pleasure and anyone who believe Allah's promise needs Tazkirah.
Verse 9 to 12 of Suratul A'la (087:009 -087:012)
009 :
so extend advice/reminder (to people), if advice/reminder is useful
010 :the one who fears will observe the advice/reminder
011 :it will be avoided by the most wretched/unfortunate one
:who will enter the biggest fire

From above we can see that tazkirah is obligatory and useful for those who believe and fear Allah. It was said that Prophet's friends asked for Tazkirah .. One of Prophet's miracle is that he knew his friends strength and weakness, their character.. even their walking style told that during mikhraj.. when the Prophet asked Gabriel whether the sound he heard is the sound that came from the sound of his friend, Bilal walking.

The ayah 011 and 012 are self-explanatory.

So going back to the incident at the AlRahman Mosque above.. can you imagine what will happen to the one who reported the Tazkirah and the one who actually arrested the ustaz who gave the tazkirah.

Verse 21 surah Alghasiyah 088:021 So continue to give tazkirah, for you are a tazkirah giver.
It seems that Allah has declared the prophet is a giver of Tazkirah.

Verse 11 of Surah Albaqorah (002:119) Surely, we have sent you with the truth, as a bearer of good tidings and a warner and you will not be asked about the people of Hell.

Verse 2 of Surah AlAnkabut (029:002) Do people think that they will be left ( at ease) only on their saying "we believe"; and they not be put to any test?
From all the argument above, I guess that in all probability, that IT IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT for a Muslim to avoid or detest Tazkirah.

Have a good day