Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you for coming

Ayoh Wang and family wanted to thank everyone,from the bottom of our hearts, for gracing our open house yesterday (24th September 2011).

Home-made Sarawak layered cake(made by my niece), fermented glutinous rice wrapped in daun jambu laut, nasi himpit and laksa Penang (made by Mok Wang).

Bryani Rice, dalca and Chicken cooked Bombay style (can you see Puteri?)

Chicken, Mutton Kurma and acar

My biras, nieces and early visitors (office mates and neighbors)

The open house was requested by my two children who have hordes of their friends gracing the occasion.

Yours truly have his badminton kaki,

current and previous office-mates,

school mates,

school mate and neighbor.

bloggers friend Cat from Sydney(she blogs here ) came with her Losong Haji Mat Shafiee friend, Puteri Kama (she blogs here ) and her husband came all the way from other side of the city .

I really have a very nice time with Puteri Kama, her husband and Cat from Sydney... they left before Ninotaziz (she blogs here ) and family managed to find their way to my home..

we met each others for the first time and we acted as if we have known each other our lifetime!!
Ninot's 3 daughters sang French songs and dedicated them to Ayoh Wang.. that to sentimental young heart.. was really heaven-sent :D

Have a nice week ahead.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

U R invited

It was confirmed two days ago that the caterer will be able to entertain our request.. last night I was somewhere in Ampang carrying out a petit rendezvous to enable us to secure a staple raya food that we usually have in Dungun. Other than that most of the food will be the normal fare..

So to all of you who read this post..
You and your family are all invited to a small makan at my humble abode ;

Venue: No 25 Jalan Teratai 2/7,
Taman Bukit Teratai,
Cheras 56100
Kuala Lumpur
Date : 24th September 2011
Time : 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Please refer to the map above and if you have any difficulty to locate my house kindly call me at 019-9819405 or 03-42915825

So if you and yours happen to be in vicinity and time permitting.. do drop by.

Should you like to meet your other blogger friends (do not have to be our mutual friends) at my place you are also welcomed.. A reason and space that we bloggers can be together .. How about that!! ;)).

Datang jangan tak datang..

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Friday Prayer

Picture is courtesy of

I was at Masjid Pakistan, in Chow Kit area, KL, one Friday umpteen years ago.. there was an Ustaz who gave tazkirah in Urdu and a man translating all that was said to Bahasa Malaysia and I still remembered clearly the story that was being translated.

Moses (pbuh), in his tour to propagate Allah's religion, came to a group of people praying, remembering Allah and reading Torah etceteras.

He asked someone in the group “who are you ?”

“Oh..we are people of Moses” came the reply.

“How long have you all been here doing these good deeds in this place”

“We have been here for about seventy years”

Moses was very pleased to know those people has been following his teaching and has been performing good deeds for seventy years.

Then Allah (In His mercy) sent down an angel to tell Moses that there will be an Ummah, they will perform one deed and will be rewarded equivalent to what his people performed in seventy years.

Moses asked the angle who is the Ummah and what is the deed that is so amply rewarded.

On hearing that the Ummah is people (follower)of Muhammad and that one deed is Friday Prayer.. Moses asks the Angle to seek Allah’s permission to allow him to be a follower of Muhammad for 2 Fridays (8 days ?!).

The Angle came back and informed Moses that his wish/request was not granted as he was supposed to lead a group of people himself and Moses will be the first among his people to enter the Paradise…

Allah knows best (Wallahua'lam).

I relate this story to a friend who seldom go for Friday prayer.

His immediate respond was“Oh good !.. Now all I have to do .. is to go to Friday prayer twice.. then I will be receiving a reward equivalent to 140 years …”

The Trengganu phrase “Doh nok wat guane? (what can I/we do ?) ” immediately came to my mind then.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IdilFitri Tahun ini

Ayoh Wang's family

Me and my family have a busy Eid day with Solat Eid in Sungai Udang Mosque and have family breakfast in Kuala Dungun.

Breakfast anyone?

10 a.m. saw us in Seberang Baroh visiting my mum, my sister and her big clan. It was followed by the normal Eid's visit to uncles, aunties and even cousins. By 4 p.m.we were rushing back to Dungun to visit Mok Wang's relatives.

Just like last year's Hari Raya festival, we have an open air family lunch at my late MIL house in Sungai Udang, Kuala Dungun on the second raya day(you can read it here).

Now where is that Rendang Tok?

Anyone for syrup Bandung?

Enjoying the family lunch

I guessed the memory shared with my late MIL, somehow dampened the normally joyous mood.

All the same, Ayoh Wang and family would like to wish joyous hari Raya to my blog's kind readers.