Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday and Anniversary Bliss

Have a productive week ahead dearest friends.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Makan makan at the office

Today we organised an office lunch to celebrate the success of two of our exploration wells. I was happy as one of them is the one that my team has drilled at the start of 2012. All geoscientists and non geoscientists working on Malaysian acreages was invited to join in the thankgiving celebration of Peninsular Malaysia Exploration team (XPM).
I was caught by surprise when a cake was put up for the XPM staff that celebrate birthdays in May, more so because we already have one earlier...rumours has it that one satisfied customer (read boss) has used his own money to show his appreciation.. Alhamdulillah..
You can see that a small part of the cake has been consumed by one hungry birthday boy even before a picture can be taken. Burpps! I am getting older.
Have a nice day..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Am I a collaborator?

I only worked two days for the week of 30 April to 4th May.. On the 1st May my son came back with not so good news that our toyota's air conditioner has gone kaput..
2nd May saw me taking unrecorded leave ( by virtue that I worked during the weekend 21 and 22 of April ;)). I went to my foreman Ah Lai (of Ampang under the big tree fame) who recommended a friend about 200 meters from his workshop..
The compressor was found to be broken ( due to one filter that has been overlooked.. Thus putting much strain on the compressor) and need to be replaced.. Chemical cleaning agent has to be used to clean the whole system so as to avoid further complication apart from replacing all air conditioner filters.. That made me poorer by some RM 2400..

We have Friday, 4th May as an off day, a replacement for Wesak day that falls on Saturday. I went to service my mini .. and the whole thing cost me some RM 450.. I was told that the car airconditioner need to be serviced at least once every two years.. I have the feeling that the mini parts might be a lil bit more expensive than that of the toyota, hence the reason for back to back visit to car air conditioner workshop.
I took a bus trip home that Friday as there were at least nine cars waiting to be serviced at the workshop and the work on the mini was expected to be completed at 5 p.m. that day.
picture from

I gave the fare of one ringgit requested by the bus conductor, he took it off my hand without giving me the ticket.. I thought of doing some light reading on the bus but the incident of not getting the ticket was too heavy on my mind.. Am I considered a collaborator to a bad deed?.. due to the fact that I know the conductor is taking my money for his own good rather than giving the money to the bus company.. How do I handle it without creating a commotion?.. The conductor can always say that I did not pay up and get me kicked off the bus.
So I called the conductor and asked him to give me a ticket for my journey and I will gladly give him a ringgit for him to keep.. He was not very pleased but he gave me the ticket without taking the extra ringgit offered.
Have a nice day.