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Tazkirah - my notes

It seems that there were few events that have been weighing the mind of many religious teachers(ustazs/ustazahs) during the last few days of fasting month (Ramadhan in 2012).
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On the night following the second day of Ramadhan after Isya Prayer, someone was said to be arrested for giving Tazkirah in AlRahman Mosque, a mosque in close vicinity of University Malaya .

Then there was a recent call for the need to curtail the tazkirah activity...

There are also Muslim who wrote pages to Imam and teacher complaining that tazkirah is unneccessary since there is already Terawih prayer during the Ramadhan.

An ustaz gave a Tazkirah on this subject matter in musolla DarusSalam in my Taman Bukit Teratai, Cheras the other night.

Verse 29 suratul Insan (076:029). Indeed, this is a reminder(tazkirah); so let anyone who so wishes, adopt a way to his lord.

Tazkirah is a command from Allah...
As AlQuran is guidance for human being, anyone who aim for Allah Pleasure and anyone who believe Allah's promise needs Tazkirah.
Verse 9 to 12 of Suratul A'la (087:009 -087:012)
009 :
so extend advice/reminder (to people), if advice/reminder is useful
010 :the one who fears will observe the advice/reminder
011 :it will be avoided by the most wretched/unfortunate one
:who will enter the biggest fire

From above we can see that tazkirah is obligatory and useful for those who believe and fear Allah. It was said that Prophet's friends asked for Tazkirah .. One of Prophet's miracle is that he knew his friends strength and weakness, their character.. even their walking style told that during mikhraj.. when the Prophet asked Gabriel whether the sound he heard is the sound that came from the sound of his friend, Bilal walking.

The ayah 011 and 012 are self-explanatory.

So going back to the incident at the AlRahman Mosque above.. can you imagine what will happen to the one who reported the Tazkirah and the one who actually arrested the ustaz who gave the tazkirah.

Verse 21 surah Alghasiyah 088:021 So continue to give tazkirah, for you are a tazkirah giver.
It seems that Allah has declared the prophet is a giver of Tazkirah.

Verse 11 of Surah Albaqorah (002:119) Surely, we have sent you with the truth, as a bearer of good tidings and a warner and you will not be asked about the people of Hell.

Verse 2 of Surah AlAnkabut (029:002) Do people think that they will be left ( at ease) only on their saying "we believe"; and they not be put to any test?
From all the argument above, I guess that in all probability, that IT IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT for a Muslim to avoid or detest Tazkirah.

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The Tea Drinker said...

honestly i'd avoid mosques who has tazkirah before/between/after tarawih. tarawih finishes around 10:15 whereby i'm already zombied around 9:50.

not everyone wants to fit in 15 minute talk into what they think is already an overdrive to their usual senses. anybody can tell me 'hey u gotta do ur best in ramadhan' n stuff but to some it's heading to a burnout.

and the topics... well.. u gotta agree that sometimes it's not in the agreed perspective. it's a lot to handle when u're fighting drowsiness. :D

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
2cents worth from a cat - one man's meat is poison to another. Kalau tak suka dengar atau mengantuk, baliklah ke rumah. Dalam hal agama ni ramai sungguh yang berperangai lebih pandai dari orang lain. Even the number of rakaat in tarawih, kalau suka buatlah sampai habis 20, kalau tak larat, buatlah 8 saja. Ada pilihan. Kan tiada paksaan dalam Islam? The masjid in question's management team should have made their decisions based in the want of the majority, not one complainant. In another kisah benar, it is well known that there are only two houses in very posh area belong to Muslim families. Nak dijadikan cerita, the head of one of the household went and complain to the management of a masjid nearby that the azan is too loud. So, adakah masjid itu juga harus memberhentikan azannya? Kalau tak nak dengar azan, belilah rumah di kawasan yang tiada masjid, dalam hutan ke, after all duit dia banyak. Ish....kucing ni macam lepas geram pulak. Sorry Ayoh Wang.... har har har *evil laughs*

m.u.l.a.n said...

last week terkena surau @ klang yg tazkirahnya 1 jam selepas azan isya'.. its the one near my sister's place.. tak pernah pergi sebelum ni..

the imam hanya dapat mulakan solat isya' & terawih 9.45pm & the kids dah tergolek2 atas sejadah... i myself rasa nak tumbang jugak hehe.... surau takde aircond takpe tapi why la buat tazkirah right after azan isya'..

tazkirah itu memanglah sangat diperlukan..

Unknown said...

Saya terawih di berhampiran dgn rumah. Terawihnya hanya 8 rakaat dan witir pun berjemaah. Then the tazkirah starts. People have a choice on whether to stay on to listen or to leave. Many of the nites, I stayed and Subhanallah, did I learn a lot!

I do agree, tazkirah is a form of reminder, sebab kita manusia ini selalu lupa. Dan I too agree with Cat from Sydney up there, that terlalu ramai org yg memandai lebih drpd orang lain. Moga kita tidak tergolong dlm kumpulan tersebut dan sentiasa redha dgn teguran dan pandangan orang lain.

Wan Sharif said...

TTD dearest,
You zombied around 9:50?!.. argh that’s difficult.. I guess the statement “to each his own” is true for this case at least..
The reason why I put this one up was because there seemed to be so many people were against Tazkirah.. I was hoping that the knowledge that it is obligatory may change some perspective. It is just like Islam.. a deen or way of life that has been perfected.. but some Muslims are..argh.. so even though tazkirah is good...... Hopefully Allah will guide us to His path.

Wan Sharif said...

CfS dearest,
I guess the flexibility was practiced in many mosques as far as Terawih prayer is concerned. I was a bit concerned when there was so much opposition to Tazkirah where there should be none as it is obligatory.. but then again “Human being can be forgetful and can even be arrogant”, as such we can consider this post is just a small reminder..

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest m.u.l.a.n ,
I believe people should be given the option to attend or not to attend… because we do not know their conditions, obligation or schedule.. there are conditions that does not warrant people to attend the tazkirah.. just as there are conditions where people are allowed not to fast or can break their fast.. it is not nice to enforce a condition that results in the kids to tergolek2 atas sejadah... and their mother rasa nak tumbang ;)))

Wan Sharif said...

Ahan dearest,
Thank you for making such a positive statement.. Ameen to your supplication.
I too have at times to force myself to attend and fortunately at most times I left the tazkirah feeling enriched and sometimes i do felt closer to Him.. What I hope is that we do not hate the tazkirah .. and later do not avoid tazkirah and who knows at one time or others He gave us His Rahmah and we develop the love of attending the tazkirah if not giving one ourselves ;).. InsyaAllah