Thursday, April 1, 2010

Travelling and Zikir

I was late to work this morning and as I was about to turn in from Jalan Tun Abdul Razak to KLCC, I was feeling rather empty, or rather 'empty headed'... Right there and then I remembered a story my uncle told me a couple of years ago. It was about his friend who ride a motorbike daily from his house in Losong to Pasar Kedai Payang. This friend made a habit of reciting suratul Waqiah to and from Pasar Kedai Payang.

I recalled my mother talked proudly of one of her male relative who recites suratul Mulk whenever he drive to work. I remembered one good old ustaz who read surratul Mulk and Assajadah after Maghrib prayer just before he was called to give a 'cheramah' at a Masjid. I also recalled that my late father told me suratul Waqiah is surah Rezeki and I heard or read somewhere that suratulMulk will defend it's fan on the judgement day.

I still remembered the time when I sang and hummed all the way from Gombak Toll to Dungun and I managed to knock off my two children long before we reached Genting tunnel. I do not know whether I can last that long reciting whatever little I can remember, but I am sure it would be worthwhile for me to know how far my children can stay awake should I decide to make a change.


dannalli said...


If we were to follow Usrah on TV9 hosted by Ustazah Fatma Al Zahrah, one of the surahs which was recommended to us is Al Mulk (5:56) translated in English as Sovereignty (M.Marmaduke Pickthall) or Dominion (A.Yusuf 'Ali). That program has ended about a month or so and replaced with another one with a younger host and coincidently today the same ayat is discussed and elaborated.

Indeed the other 2 surahs, namely Al Waqiah (6:50) and Al Sajdah (5:07) are good ones to observe. At most of the praying places, surah Al Sajdah will be recited for Fajr prayer on Friday morning as today with special sujud is performed.

Alternative to travelling, while surfing, we may put on the speakers or the ear-phone and click to:

There are a number of reciters to choose from. I prefer Sodaim and Shuraim and the brackets I put above is the running time for the respective surahs if those are chosen.

Wan Sharif said...

I recalled an Uncle who taught his grandson to recite Basmallah 1000x a day. Another uncle went out of his way to learnt from an old man.. who calmly said he do not have anything zikir short enough to be of interest. When asked for a long one , the old man said recite ayat kursi 1000x a day. When asked the duration.. the old man said if you start after subuh, you would finish the thousands ayat just before Zohor..
It might look trivial.. we shall discuss his between us some other time..

Kak Teh said...

Salam, this entry is interesting indeed.
While covering the bombing in London, I met an indonesian who survived the explosion on the bus at Russel square.He got away with just a scratch on his finger tip.
anyway, I interviewed him and asked, what he thought has saved him: he said, with every step he takes when leaving the house, he zikir, and he doesnt leave the house tanpa berwuduk.

and thank you for sharing .

Wan Sharif said...

Kak Teh,
Thank you for dropping by.. been following your blog, AG's kecek-kecek and Kata Kama for quite some time now. Always have soft spots for Trengganuspeak, Dungun and everything Trengganu.. been to London a few times on short holidays while in Pau last time (1983/4)and also with my family in 2003.
Thank you for sharing your zikir story.. I do not drop much comments on other's blog ..bimbang nanti tersalah cara..