Sunday, November 21, 2010

A small setback

I have been gearing myself up to put up a hydroponic sprouting of fodder grass system (that can help our farmers to grow as many as 4000 heads of cattle on 20 acres site) at MAHA 2010. Some of the info on hydroponics can be viewed here . However, due to something that are/were beyond my simple mind to comprehend, my friend has to cancel his involvement with MAHA 2010.. there goes my involvement with MAHA 2010.. Both, me and my agro friend believe we have to find a new approach to introduce our version of hydroponic for fodder grass.. a small setback..
To those who has made a mental note to see me at MAHA.. I seek your forgiveness..
I seek Allah's little favour to allow us to assist our fellow Malaysian farmer..


Al-Manar said...

Ayah Wan,

What a shame. Truly I have ben waiting for some good news from you. Instead there have been nothing but bitches, and none for short of you trying. Have you tred people in our state of Tgganu? What would be the minimum size of land viable for trying your hydroponic method? Ten years younger I would have a go myself!

Good luck Wan. Never lose faith in what is in store.

R.A.S said...

Ayoh Wang,
If I had many contacts, I would never be reluctant to help you but since I am new on this land of Allah's, I am only able to help with a simple prayer. Insya-allah, vast fortune, be it in any form, to come your way! Amin!

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Abang Hassan,
I am putting up this "setback entry" to inform those friends who have made a mental note to see me at MAHA 2010 (that I will not be there).
Thank you for your concern, I sincerely need more people to "doa" for the success of our cattle farming industry (my friend and other farmers). Now that Iran is all out for the nuclear thinghy.. a conflict there would send every body in Middle East scrambling for food security.. making beef importing Malaysian in dire danger.. (unless that report of >RM600m investment to import Australian beef through some foreign company is true and properly documented to protect Malaysia's Interest).
From what I has gathered so far, we are not much better than we were 10 or 20 years ago.. after all the money spent building all the infrastructures (including those entities such as National feedlot Center, Halal Hubs all over the places in each states)..
We need some 25 acres to economically grow some 100-1000 cattles with hydroponics..a smaller plot may be OK but you may have to forego some processes that will be eco-friendly to cattles , people and environment.
I have contacted the state for some 6 months in 1009, (approached my varsity mate, a very close friend back then in the 75-77, A Top Gun in one of Trengganu Corporation.. ) to do Integrated Farming and Agro Tourism in Dungun or Kemaman...but to no avail.. I do not have any track record to show.. Their track records such as famed Pulau Wan Man, Pulau Duyong infras.. to mention a few are already making a lot of waves...
Again I might be a "threat"?!.
My lecturer friend, a classmate/ schoolmate of 1967-74.. Our Datuk friend wanted me to ask for the infra already built for Goat rearing in Kertih.. again thinking of my no track record situation, I have to put Trengganu on hold..
Bang Hassan is doing OK at Al Manar.. doa kan supaya kami akan Ok dan diberi jalan keluar oleh Allah .. itu pun dah terlebih baik untuk saya dan kawan saya..
Alhamdulillah banyak dah tu..
May be what we are proposing to do is a "threat" to some other peoples overall plan.. mungkin?

Wan Sharif said...

My Dear Rosfida,
Your concern breathes a fresh hope in this tired old body (tired of all the politics, backstabbing, greed, apple polishing, self interest etcetera etceteras)..
Your prayer is indeed my dire need.. I sincerely need more friends like you and Pakcik to pray for our effort and our farming industry to be successful enough to be self sufficient in food security should trouble flared in Middle East for known or unknown reasons..
Currently I make a note on Prophet Moses prayer in surah Al Qashah (chapter 28).. verses 16, 21, 22 and 24..
May Allah guide us all out of whatever predicament we are in.. InsyaALLAH

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
We're all praying for you. InshaAllah where there's a will, there's a way. purrr...meow!

yohteh said...

...Ayoh Wang... yang terbaik adalah rencanaNya... Dia Al-Rozzak pelimpah rejeki...

Wan Sharif said...

Dear CiS..
You sure make my day.. first you entry on abattoir thingy.. now you are telling me you also pray for my well-being.. Oh I am, well should I say, delightfully surprised.. AlhamduliLLah.
May Allah bless your parents for having such a kind-hearted child/ children.. and may He guide us all to his CHOSEN path ..

Wan Sharif said...

La haula wala quwwata illa biLLAH. So our rencana is also there with His Izin and He knows what we know not. My friend and I are still pursuing to improve our and Malaysian farmers' lots in some other ways.. If He izin us to be successful enough there may be time when we can meet other bloggers at a good place with the best beef , Moringa (Oops I have not written on this yet.. some other time.. yeah) on the house..
Doakanlah supaya kami berjaya (dalam usaha kami) dan sentiasa berendah diri dalam mencari Redha ALLAH..

ninotaziz said...

I know a bit of setbacks. And have come to the conclusion that some ministries are just to be avoided with a 100 foot pole.

Wan Sharif said...

I have to agree with you because you have more exposure than a myopic geophysicist who enjoy nothing more than looking at seismic data day in and day out.. My brush with pihak berwajib.. they are not to help people (farmers for my case).. they bully them, make use of them.. worse still abuse some of them.. extracting whatever benefit they can from the already poor farmers.. if you are successful.. they claim it was their efforts..
My friend have to coax up some RM 500K to successfully improved what he has been used to do in the past at MAHA (last time he do it for free.. working 10 straight days.. ask his staff to sell lot of thing to cover the cost).
This time around he ask for some financial support.. the fact that he is not able to do it speaks volumes