Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bubur ‘Asyura

To cover up my inability to put up a good entry and also to put up an entry on Trengganu food (“pape” in Trengganu speak) to fulfil the request of the more well known blogger, Wan Hulaimi aka Awang Goneng of "kecek-kecek" and “Growing up in Trengganu” fame . This entry is also put up to share the “pape” with some of the more appreciative readers/followers.

As today is 30th of Muharram, it is perhaps appropriate for me to scribble whatever I know of Bubur ‘Asyura as a follow up to my last post.. Hari 'Asyura.

The family of my BIL came to grace my house in Taman Bukit Teratai, Ampang for two days after attending his in-law’s wedding in Klang on Christmas. My BIL's wife and my better half then decided to try their hands at making bubur ‘asyura with consultation of my MIL (who can no longer make good use of the kitchen). The preparation of the bubur ‘asyura commenced at 3 p.m. and finished at about 9 p.m. Due to some problem with the hand phone only one picture can be up loaded much to the dismay of my other half.. The picture of bubur 'asyura does not looked to good.. nampak dok comei or beluah (Trengganuspeak) or berlumuih (Northernspeak)

Ingredient for Bubur 'Asyura:-

500 gm of rice

500 gram of coconut milk (santan)

The following ingredients are in unspecified amount.. your choice (secukup rasa) really

Molasses (Gula Melaka), salt ( garam), sweet potato (Ubi keledek), corn (jagung) and red beans (kacang merah)

Meat (daging)or chicken (ayam) or fish( ikan) as you wish - the amount is also unspecified

Spices for bubur ‘asyura are:- Malay name is also put up in bracket to avoid confusion.

10 bulb of shallot (bawang merah)

6 ulas garlic (bawang putih)

1 inch of ginger (halia)

0.7 inch of galangal (lengkuas).. many thank to CiS.

2 table spoons of "grated coconut, dry-fried and finely grounded" (Kerisek).. many thank to CiS

1.5 tablespoon of coriander (ketumbar)

1 tablespoon of fennel seeds (jintan manis)

Making of bubur ‘Asyura

Cook rice as if you are cooking porridge.. only this time.. the porridge should be very smooth( meaning to say you could no longer see any large grain of rice). Spices should be properly pounded/grinded and mixed till properly blended. The blended spices are to be poured into the rice porridge. The coconut milk, sweet potato, red bean, corn and either meat or chicken or fish will then be added. The mixture will need to be continually stirred until remaining amount is about half of amount you started with (some 4 to 5 hours). The bubur will be put in a container to a thickness of about one to two inches to cool off.


3 kembong fish that are boiled and it content taken

The fish content will be pounded with half inch of ginger (halia) , 4 or 5 bulb of shallot(bawang merah)and 1 teaspoon of fenugreek (halba)

100 gram of coconut milk and a pinch of salt will then be added to the mixture and fried without oil.. until the mixture is properly blended.

Pour the topping onto the semi hardened bubur (cooled), the bubur can be cut into 2 inches by 3 inches by 0.5 inch portions.

I would say that the outcome of the attempt or bubur ‘asyura tasted almost similar to what Ayoh Wang has eaten in Pulau Duyong and Kuala Trengganu. .. The recipe put up here is after serious consultation with my better half...

Here is hoping that you find the entry of some use.. have a good day


Kama At-Tarawis said...

wow, for the first time dapat resipi bubur asyura terengganu-style. nanti nok cuba.. :D TQ

yohteh said...

...hoho... bradong innih nye wi resipi surre terik ning... léklék "Céh Wang"... tapi kang, kalu Ayoh Wang sertakang ngan klip video, baru bbutir molek... ddok kénéh..? hehe...

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Puteri,
Thank you for stopping by.. wanted to call you last night to ask you the English names for halia and lengkuas..both are ginger??!! but could not find your number.. it must be in the other phone that was dropped in the surau at Pullman hotel Putrajaya some moons ago.. Hopefully your attempt will result in something that your Trengganu tounge can approve.. Psst.. I put the recipe up as I believe ..this Pulau Duyong's recipe.. (my MIL was from there.. she moved to Dungun to follow My late FIL) and I consider the bubur 'asyura is an exotic Trengganu fare..

Wan Sharif said...

I went to the Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih on 31st Dec.. the ustaz remembered you very well.. his wife was in Cairo then.. salam

Wan Sharif said...

Dok leh jaddi "Céh Wang", Ayoh Wang cuma reti goddang je.. kalau tolong kacca surre 5 minit tu kira lama lah.. nok ambik video clip guane.. ambik gambar sekeping pong nye belebé berdeghé doh.. malam tadi tu orang rumah saya tu baik hati.. gamok nya pasal Ayoh Wang dok urut betih dia setiap malam..ha ha.. meppeh belaké doh terik ning..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Dear Ayoh Wang,
Some technical pointers (by my Mama):
Halia = ginger
Lengkuas = galangal
Kerisek - despite being called "nyior gule" in 'gganuspeak, is not fried with sugar. Instead, the correct term should be "grated coconut, dry-fried and finely ground".

Other than that, it looks absolutely delish. Hmmm....if we end up in Taman Teratai Ampang, any chance of being served "surre" with tuna or mackerel? purrrr....meow!

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest CiS,
Ha ha you got me there.. my wife was already asleep when I finally managed to get the entry ready to be posted and I could not for the life of me figure out 'nyior gule'..
Thank you and your kind Mama for the correction.
Mmm as posted.. the last of the surre in my house will be consumed as Muharram close its chapter.. Making of surre might not be repeated in a near future (as it stand this is the first time my wife attempt to make it since +18 years of marriage).
Despair not.. give us ample time before you reach Taman Bukit Teratai.. we will think of something..

Lee said...

Hi Wan Sharif, first time I read or learn of this 'bubur'.
Looks good.
And I used to frequent Trengganu before too, in the '70s and '80s.

I'm familiar with the nasi dagang though. Love it, used to eat at every opportunity near that big market beside the sungei in town.
Stayed at Primula hotel often then.
Best regards, Lee.

mamasita said...

Wan..rajinnya you post the BA recipe..dapat pahala lah ni..thank you thanks!

I am not at all rajin anymore in the kitchen.
Maybe oneday we all gi makan at your house bubur asyura even though bukan bulan Muharram kan.*wink*

DrSam said...

Salam Ayoh Wang and tenkiu for making my saliva dripping drooling over your bubur sughe. As I had missed many Asyura celebrations back in my kkapong, my tastebud really crave to be tickled with this blissful delicacy again.

Tapi kalu setakat Tamang Bukit Teratai tu, bau semerbok bubur sughe tu buleh sapa ke Subang ni gamoknye. Jangang lupe ghoyat ke ambe kalu oghang rumoh masok sekali lagi deh...

R.A.S said...

Ayoh Wang,
You made me drool just looking at the picture. I used to have this dislike for the bubur asyura but after a while with the school always having Asyura celebrations and 10 years of mengacauing this bubur, getting burnt by the heat under the enormous kawah and being forced to taste it if the salt, sugar was enough, it has become an addiction. And so far, the best ones I have tasted comes from Seri Bandi..oohh..yum yum..hmm..
*wiping my mouth from drooling*

Wan Sharif said...

Bro Lee,
Ah ..Nasi Dagang at Pasar Kedai Payang (big market beside the sungei in town) should be delicious as that Pasar is the center of Trengganu Fare..

In the '70s and '80s.. one can still have a hearty breakfast of Nasi Dagang with RM1 or 2 but what used to worth RM1 is now easily sold at RM3..
The bubur 'asyura is a bit difficult to find and to buy from the food stalls or at Pasar.. simply because it took too long to perfect it.. It used to be prepared for the whole kampung by the community itself..gontong royong style..

Have a warm (*wink) sub zero days ahead, Bro Lee.

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Mamasita,
I never make it a habit to write down recipe.. but BA was prepared for the first time in my house.. the taste was exactly as I remembered it to be.. BA of Pulau Duyong.. I think the preparation (rather time consuming) and ingredients are not that difficult to prepare and to find (even outside M'sia)..
So being excited with everything Trengganu and obvious so when Pulau Duyong is concern.. I took trouble to get BA recipe posted.
Nampaknya agak sukar juga nak pujuk orang rumah to prepare it..
maybe if my friend and me be successful.. we(bloggers) can have it prepared in Jengka Springs.. sambil bersukaria di sana.. we will have cheap enough comfortable accomodation with BBQ thrown in.. Do'a yer..

Wan Sharif said...

Dr Sam,
My response to you will be what I have written in the last para of my response to Mamasita above..
Gambor dan rupa Bubur 'Asyura tu dok lah comei mana.. tapi rase dia kalau kita suka.. mm boleh habis setalam dua..ha..ha..

Wan Sharif said...

ChikGu Rosfida..
I have to take your word for it.. now that my blog readers came to know about it.. maybe you can tell us the next time you are going to get involve in preparing Bubur Asyura in Seri Bandi.. do tell us in 1 week advance.. sempat lah kami di KL ni mintak cuti dan berkonvoi ramai ramai kesana.. kita join in sekali la.. sponsor sikit the cost of making it..
mm I can not drool.. just finish 20% more of that bubur Asyura shown in the picture.. Eish zalimnya saya..

R.A.S said...

Sangat zalim!...
And you can forget about having a taste of the tastiest bubur Asyura prepared by my Ketua Bidang!!!

Wan Sharif said...

Oops.. what is Ketua Bidang?..
he.. he.. jangan lah marah .. I am just about to make a plan to recruit all my blogging friends to come to Seri Bandi..
I recalled some body said .. "one who gets angry.. will be sold!" or was it ".. will grow old faster!"
Selamat berehat Cikgu..

Unknown said...

Masjid dekat rumah kita buat gotong royong masak bubur as_syura ni last Sunday. Koka went to help, and brought back two tupperware! Sedappp sangat!

But I can't forget the first time I ate this bubur while it was still hot and liquid form, from a tempurung! It was back in 1985, at my friend's parents place in Bukit Payung! Makan terus dari kawah, bubuh dalam tempurung and scoop out pakai daun!

Still can remember the aroma of the still hot bubur and the texture of it on my tongue! Beautiful memory!

Wan Sharif said...

Nice to hear that bubur 'asyura did brought back some nice nostalgic memory of your interesting life.
Extremely glad to know your first experience was in Bukit Payong and your masjid have a gotong royong (menyambung silaturrahmi) masak bubur a'syura..
Hopefully the good tradition and practice will be passed down to our great grandchildren InsyaAllah.. ada lah peluang kita nak rasa bubur a'syura if we are still around then..
Stay young and happy..

@rep said...

dah dua tahun tak makan bubur asyura :(

Wan Sharif said...

Sebelum ni saya pun berbelas tahun juga tak makan bubur asyura..
Terima kasih kerana singgah dan memberi ulasan..

Sir Pök Déng said...

I picture the scene of asyura's preparation. The big wok carrying with it boiling asyura's concoction above ungun api. Adult males with their big sudips stir the concoction behind the steam that hit their face until they could barely see their women nags about adding more salt and sugar so that it won't become tasteless soon it finish. And kids making mess with everything they come across the cooking galore.

And when the cooking's done, everyone will be a self-titled gourmet -- judging asyuras made by other groups as sedap or tak sedap, in comparison with theirs.

Wan Sharif said...

Sir Pök Déng..
Nice of you to drop in.. I smiled when I read your comments.. so vivid that I can imagine it all happening.
This recipe listed here have no sugar as it ingredient..
the sweetness of bubur asyura here will be provided by sweet potato..

Aishah said...

Thank you for publishing the ingredients and how to. InsyaaAllah I will try it this weekend. Asyura is known to me as something very special and very difficult to make, wait do I get this right or am I thinking of another dish?

Please keep on writing Wan Shariff. You have such take on life and your surroundings that is very interesting and rather unique.

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest Aisyah,
From my other half.. making asyura is not supposed to be difficult.. you add whatever you like and can find.. remember it was supposed to be the food made after the big flood .. Prophet Noah time..
But it would take quite some time..
I am humbled by your vote of confidence.. I have many takes on religious and life issues (I have yet to post) but I was rather busy chasing rainbows at the moment..
On the workfront I have to drill few exploration wells.. the economics of it was not encouraging even though in spirit of exploration it should be flying.. to package something not very acceptable to become something very acceptable is not that easy even though I have more than 20 years experience on this matter..
Helping my friend on the farming project .. I was involve rather deeply... preparing documents.. helping him almost in every aspects of the projects..
May Allah help us in our Jihad to produce integrated halal farming project..

Aishah said...

All your efforts are "menfaatkan" ummah. This is something I hold close to me because I am a business person also in the oil and gas industry (but refining, not so much upstream, although we are involved in supply for the Gamusut/Kakap project).

All your projects (including your posts) are menfaatkan ummah. May Allah bless and ease your efforts.

Wan Sharif said...

Mm interesting.. Thanks you for your du'a and your support.
Oh I am glad to know you are also in O&G...