Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A morning in Kuala Dungun

On the weekend before CNY, I went back to Kuala Dungun.. to proceed with visits to my mother and sister in Seberang Baroh, Kuala Trengganu. We reached Kg Sungai Udang late Friday night and have a disturbed sleep (albeit a welcomed disturbance – the arrival of the two Sisters IL and their families).

On my way to buy breakfast the morning after.. it was rather apparent to one that Dungun have lots of buildings with new or good fences.

“It look like Dungun town can be called Bando Pago Lawo (town with nice fences) “ one made a passing remark.

“It can also be called Bandar ‘jalan dok siak siak’ (a town of unfinished road)” came a rather sarcastic response.

“Maybe our.... ‘panda wat jalang dang bangunang je’ (only knows how to make road and government buildings)” came another equally caustic rejoinder.

Then came a sort of historical reminder that led to those remarks.. When BN was in control, the Adun was Former school teacher who was keen to develop the Sura area to the extent of neglecting Kuala Dungun. Pasar (wet market) Dungun, in the vicinity of Complex Lembaga Ikan, used to be opened till late afternoon. The Dungun wet market that was then moved to the present location some 200m away.. was only opened till about 1 p.m. (no longer sustainable as the atmosphere are not that conducive.. not too popular a location ?!)

Dungun Bridge taken ( permission is being sought) from terengganuhebat.blogspot.com.

When PAS took over Dungun.. the focus was shifted back to Kuala Dungun.. with the building of the bridge that connect Kampong Seberang Pintasan (Teluk Bidara) to Kuala Dungun town being in progress.. When BN won Kuala Dungun seat, the town has seen more encouraging development.. The renovation of roads.. mostly to include monsoon drains can be seen throughout the years (at least some 8 years for Jalan Tambun/ Jalan Yahya Ahmad, if my memory did not fail me)..

That week the said road was still under some other form of renovation (widening and putting up drain system), a few unused buildings of past were now being made use of (refurbished?) – a museum and 'balai bomba dan penyelamat' are two examples. Few old two-storey wooden shop-houses facing the Komplek Lembaga Ikan have been renovated, while some have been pulled down to be replaced by new brick shop-house.. my better half has remarked that it seems like the owners (mostly Chinese) are very confident about the development of Bandar Kuala Dungun.. a good sign I supposed… but the wooden shop house do have some esthetic historical/ nostalgic value, non!?.

I did managed to patronize the new Sungai Udang mosque at dawn that morning. The ustaz (teacher) there gave a short 30 minutes tazkirah. There were many hadiths that has been said and poor yours truly remembered only one hadith..

Narrated Abu Dhar: That he heard the Prophet saying, "If somebody accuses another of Fusuq (by calling him 'Fasiq' i.e. a wicked person) or accuses him of kufr, such an accusation will revert to him (i.e. the accuser) if his companion (the accused) is innocent." (Book #73, Hadith #71)

The teacher did mention that we muslim should be careful not to accuse people of zina (fornification) because if the accuser cannot find four just witnesses who saw the action… “similar to that of a sword entering its sheath”… then the accusation will revert to us… How to find four "just witnesses" is a rather mind boggling exercise, at least to my mind..

Well I supposed it applies to any other accusations as well, there is a need for us to bring our witnesses to support our accusation on that day at least...

Now that scares me no ends.. for I have read many a “berbau politik” blog across both divide that use strong accusing words such as aljuburi (sodomiser?), pemabuk (drunkard), penzina ( people who commit fornication), pembohong (liars) etcetera.. By reading.. am I also a party to …

May Allah bless us all with his AlMagfirah and ArRahmah sokmo sokmo (always)


Unknown said...

Got lotsa friends from around Dungun area, especially the old Jalan Melati that now looks abandoned and decrepit!

And yes, I do agree with U about the not accusing others of things, less we ourselves will be accused of untrue doings too!

Lee said...

Hi Wan Sharif, wow! Your mention of Dungun really brings back memories to me.
Used to stop there for lunch, sometimes dinner, dekat tu Sungei....But this was wayyyyy back in the early '70s....till '80s.
Oh ya, see the turtles lay eggs too.

Used to travel to East Coast every 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes driving, often by MAS, and on and off in our corporate plane.

Apart from Penang, I have always loved Trengganu, nasi dagang, ikan and ayam percik.....the many fantastic pasar malams...

And not to mention the scratch my head Trengganu bahasa accent. Open my mouth, terus they know where I'm from, ha ha....
Have fun and keep well, Lee.

Mamaboyz said...

ayoh wang, ini bukan pendapat saya, tapi saya pernah baca (tak ingat siapa tulis)- 4 saksi tu adalah saksi yang boleh beri keterangan yang zina tu berlaku contohnya, doktor yang memeriksa, pegawai CSI, rakaman CCTV etc...lagipun kalau kita fikir 4 orang saksi yang benar tengok perbuatan tu, takkan mereka tak hentikan perbuatan tu? wallahualam...

Wan Sharif said...

Jalan Melati now is probably still as you know then.. the only change probably a few new houses built by oil and gas people who prefer a quieter Dungun to Kerteh or Paka..

Accusation is rather rampant on blogosphere that I got me worried that it might harm us more ways than we think possible.

Wan Sharif said...

mm.. I am rather curious.. of how many heart-broken and faint hearted ladies/ damsels pining for the long lost (not reciprocated) love.. my particular friend has left in Trengganu.. wink* wink*.
As Trengganu Chinese are rather fluent in Loghat Trengganu.. your bahasa will definitely stand out.. I was once charged heavily when buying Trengganu-fare at buka puasa store simply because I was seen leaving a car with "W" plate number.. I did not used my Pulau Duyong slang to embarrass the stall owner.. Kasi chan lah sama dia..
Thank you for the well wishes.. You keep yourself healthy and have a fruitful days ahead in Canada..

Wan Sharif said...

DrWati, I did hear about that sword entering its sheath thingy somewhere..
The witnesses that you mentioned is probably for the court.. I heard /read so many funny things with the court case of one particular famous politician.. mattress lah, not passing motion for days lah.. and it has been dragging for so many years.. giving indication how difficult it is to know the truth on the subject of accusation..
In relation to court case.. I heard it somewhere.. that it is better to let ten guilty persons go scot-free rather that punish one innocent person..
Thank you for dropping by and I have pasted your entry on Egyptian revolution thingy in my comments to some blogs that I follow.. hopefully you are Ok with that..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

salam. just to say your comment on my beloved hometown brought me here to intai2.. :D

Aishah said...

I would like to go on cuti-cuti Malaysia to the East Coast. I had not been to Trengganu and Kelantan in a long while. As for Kelantan, I had been there only twice before.

I loved the way you tell about Dungun and your observation of different developments during different times.

Thank you for sharing the hadith, it is a reminder always, because sometimes "kita tak sedar" in our actions and participations".

Wan Sharif said...

wa'alaikumussalam Puteri,
I kinda sense that you might drop by when I put up the title of the entry..
I wish the authority would use money more wisely .. a lot more can be achieved for Kuala Dungun other than a wider road which is currently under-used (even with the ongoing repairs' road closure) other than at the junction where Mydin is located and during the festivities..
Not that I agree to the ~RM 100K tandas awam in Kampung Bijangga.. he..he

Wan Sharif said...

Aishah, you are very welcome to visit Trengganu.. you can visit Pak Haji Abdullah of Pulau Duyong, My late father's neighbour when he was working as boat-maker some 30+ years ago..
There are many places of interest but then I found out from my friends ..there were time the shop helpers kind of not too happy to serve you especially when they are busy with some other "non-work type activities' such as sembang kosong or exchanging sms with their friends.. ha..ha ha..
There are also chalet or rumah tumpangan di kawasan kawasan kampung that offer ~ RM 30 per night along the main road to Kuala Trengganu.. not to mention that Awie's Place in Pulau Duyong..
thank you for that "tak sedar" comment.. .. May we be blessed by His Magfirah... always.. sokmo sokmo in Trengganuspeaks.

Lili said...

Salam Ayah Wang,

It has been years I've been planning to visit T'ganu. Somehow, the daunting distance and my fear of flying are the major setback to my plans! haha! Although I'm a Perak "Wan", I have many relatives in Tganu. In fact, my late paternal grandparents spent their last part of their lives there and eventually rest in peace in a place called Batu Burok.

I hope I'll be a bit courageous and 'adventurous' hehe...to come to Terengganu. It's beautiful, they say!

Wan Sharif said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Lili,
You can have a peek to my previous comment to Puan Aisyah above..
Maybe when LPT is ready the time for road travel would be reduced and a lil bit safer.. But then you can always break your journey a long the way.. I knew a few friends who spend a week + on the road.. enjoying the keindahan Semenanjung Malaysia moving from KL , Kuantan, Kemaman/Dungun, Marang/KT, KB, Gua Musang, Ipoh KL..
It may also be a high time for you to re-acquaint yourself with those relatives of yours.. in T'ganu and K'tan.. menghubung silaturrahim.. before all contacts are lost due to the fact that those who remembered are no longer available..

mamasita said...

Salam Wan..
hopefully I get to visit Trengganu again..love Trengganu!!
A beautiful state with so many things to buy and lovely places to visit.

Thank you Wan.

Wan Sharif said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Mamasita,
Mmm, I wonder how can I sell Trengganu to you.. the 200+ kilometers of white sandy beach.. no you have your beautiful and less hazardous Telok Chempedak.. Kerupok Lekor you have your own in Tanjong Lumpur..
How about Pasar Kedai Payang.., Boat -making in my ( tanah tumpahnya darahku) Pulau Duyong, Songket and batik Trengganu.. and not to forget those Trengganu-fare.. the nikbat, akok, hati sokma, jala-mas belede kering, lok lik, bengkang, pukat buruk, nasi dagang, ketupat goreng, pais, sata .. those delicacies is so mouth-watering.. terlior pulak Ayoh Wang.. alahai..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
And where's the kerpok lekor you promised me in Yummy Mummy's blog?
Dad doesn't like using the main road in Dungun coz of too many traffic lights, he said. So we always end up using the side roads in one of the housing estates. Lalu je, dok singgoh langsung, nok derah sapa KT. purrr....meow!

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest CiS
Do not worry about the kerpok lekor.. if I meet you at the right place .. kerpok lekor until you have your fill will be on me..InsyaALLAH.
Mm your Dad must be very familiar with Dungun to know that particular route in Gong Pasir.. It is a good effort if you are in hurry to reach KT...

yohteh said...

...hii Ayoh Wang... ingatkang saya saloh masuk ke blog warga tadika... macang tulisang di papang batu jamang rittu... "Energy saving mode" pun aktif nampak..! hehe...

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
For several years, Dad spent his youth at that institution of higher learning near Sura.... He must have "ukur jalang" a lot those days. I'll remind you of your kerpok lekor offer often enough. Oh, could you purrrlease email us (catinsydneyatgmaildotcom) your contacts? purrrrlease...... purrr....meow!

Wan Sharif said...

Ha ha ha..
Yohteh ni kerja anak perempuan saya lah tu, dia anjurkan saya ubah penampilan blog saya ni ..
Au sujet de font.. I have to let her use that font cos she told me it looks like my hand writing.. and the energy saving mode, she was the one who activate it .. Telling me that it is a 'green technology'.. what can I say.. we love our "not so green planet.. we need to encourage our youngs to appreciate it.. when they suggest it.. we have to embrace it without hesitation.. showing good example. Non?!

Wan Sharif said...

I can understand when someone spent one's youth at that institution of higher learning near Sura, Dungun will have ample time to "ukur jalang" in those days or even in these days..
My neighbour relates to my other half, the other day, that her son found out that some Dungun men spend their morning and evening (whiling away their free time) in a gazebo (wakaf) playing checkers while wearing just kain batik.. a version of Dungun's laid-back entertainment ..
Will be sending e-mail to you immediately, so if you get a weird e-mail address that sound like a moonman please do not consider it as a scam mail..

R.A.S said...

Ayoh Wang,
Next time you should pay a visit to my humble abode in Kerteh when you go to Dungun..we would be honored to have you visit us.

Wan Sharif said...

We stayed in Kerteh 2004/05 at Rantau Paya and have lot of friends there .. normally we stopped for half an hour only if we go home without MIL.. Should she be around we go straight to Dungun, she has been bed ridden for some years now and it is not good to let her be in the car for too long..
I am at orebule@yahoodotcom if you want to drop a note on your address or you hp no..
I would be too glad to see you at mesra mall or something..

R.A.S said...

Ayoh Wang,
Will drop you a note soon. My Amat Apiz is due to be here in March, maybe then we could finally meet. I am sure he will love to hear your stories...:)

Al-Manar said...

Panjangnya cerita Dungun. Tulislah tentang PD (not Port Dikson) bagaimana besar nya perubahan semenjak adanya Monsoon Cup yang taraf antara bangsa itu - bagaimana mewahnya penduduk2 disitu dan sebagainya.

Wan Sharif said...

Cikgu Rofida,
Please do not be overly disappointed should my schedule do not permit us to meet during that time, you see I have a son doing his foundation year at MMU.. I could not fathomed his schedule (for that matter neither can he)..
I will take it as.. if Allah izin kita akan bertemu juga.. di satu masa.. InsyaALLAH

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest Pakcik,
I have left Pulau Duyong at a tender age of 13 to go to a school in Tanjung Malim and Seremban. I completely left it when I went to USM in 1975 after which my parent stayed with my sister in Pasir Panjang..
I guess I can still write a bit on those years I was there..about way of life, happening etc. when the Monsoon Cup came, I was visiting Duyong 1 hour per trip I went back to KT.. to accompany mother to visit her friends.. that amount to 5 or 6 hours per year.. may be I can find out from Duyong folks but that would be hearsay as well Non?!
Tak banyak perubahan sangat daripada apa yang saya dengar dari kawan dan kenalan dan lihat semasa saya di sana. Tiada sesiapa di Pulau Duyong yang bertambah pendapatan mereka lebih dari 20% dengan adanya Monsoon Cup.
Yang bertambah hanyalah ada nya aktiviti yang kurang sehat apabila pemuka pemuka bangsa dan pemuka negara bersekongkol dengan ahli ahli sukan layar dan celebriti yang bukan sebangsa dan se ugama..
Khabarnya Bedouin that goes with the name of Patrick dan sekutunya yang berjaya memonsoonkan monsoon cup.. dan orang Pulau Duyong cuma dapat rasa kesesakan lalu lintas di tanah tumpah darah mereka.. semasa monsoon cup..

rebellion said...

living in dungun just great, i live here more than 25 years by now, great except their road, haha