Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not so free weekend and Gganu breakfasts

This was written on and off during the weekend to be posted early Monday to give some space to the long winded health article. ;).
Saturday morning started with Yohwang rushing to buy coconut milk at the wet market and Mokyang rushing to her kitchen to kukus (steam) nasi dagang immediately after Suboh (dawn) ..the steamers leaked steam.. And have to be changed 3 times as the ' center ' part of nasi dagang was not properly cooked! The tuna was steamed on Friday morning and has been cooked to Gganu gulai ikan aya in the late evening of the same day. The results.. Our Saturday breakfast ..voila!


Nasi Dagang

Saturday afternoon saw us in Branang still trying to fix my not so good shoulder..have to abandon the plan to go and search for that Bangi golf club due to time constraint.. My geophysicist , angling, fisherman friend will be holding his wedding reception there in the evening. We rushed back to our place, buy some sardine fish (ikan selayang) and went home to bathe and change before rushing back to Bangi.. Went to Bangi and failed to find the place although we circle the area for more than one hour and asked three guys for direction ;(((. Have to abandon the wedding reception plan and on reaching our home, mokwang quietly went to the kitchen to steam 'ikan selayang' . Then came the sticky part of preparing laksam.. Another steaming process .. Steaming the rice powder.. Ah time consuming... The steamed ikan selayang was deboned, blended to paste and will be cooked with santan.
So when the morning came Mokwang heated the kuah laksam and chopped the laksam into small morsels and voila... our Sunday breakfast..


After breakfast.. We went to wet market and supermarket for our weekly food supplies before attending another wedding reception in Melawati. The evening saw us in Mahbob Restaurant in Bangsar after some 20 days abstaining ourselves from mamak food... Oh Mokwang has managed to cook some laksa noodle .. Looks like another Gganu food - laksa Gganu style for Monday breakfast.. No picture this time to busy trying to reach office in time in the morning rain.

Have a good productive week.


Cheqna said...

Assalamualaikum Ayoh Wang..greetings from the land of "negeri cantik budaya menarik"..hehe,

Got the nasi dagang and laksam this morning..yet to buy the ketupat pulut..and the pulut lepa which my sister said is "yummy" from somewhere in kmpg "leghang".


i amsterdam said...

My mouth is watering looking at nasi dagang and laksam. Love them both, but has yet to try making nasi dagang though..

Wan Sharif said...

Wow cemburunya saya.. Dah berada di losong rupanya.. Oops pulut lepa leghang pulok.. Banyok inti lah tu agoknya.. Baru sedak.. Carilah rojok kateh, belebab ubi, jalamah, mahjeput.. Mahjeput tu ada kat ladang opps jalan dari ladang ke kolam..

Wan Sharif said...

Salam I A,
Oops sorry to tempt you with the gganu food.. But I guess you know how to make them.. I suppose Cheqna can help should you need any advice..

Al-Manar said...

What a shame Mokwang had to go through all the trouble to feed Ayahwang. Over here the process is in reverse. Pakcik will go out, buy the nasi dagang, laksam,kayu keramat, ropa, pulut nyor, laksa lemok etc etc all for twenty ringgit, and sit down enjoying them like honeymooners! No smoking stoves, no leaking steamers.

Nok balek tgganu ke takmboh?

Wan Sharif said...

Ha ha ha, I have been buoyed by your poke, Abang Hassan enjoyed it to bits...
There are contradictory thought on a lot of things..
While we are not supposed to work and forget the hereafter.. Is it not Haraam for me not to earn my keep? I heard it somewhere " we ( man of the house) are always in sins until we work".
Then I did not have any property in KT.. I do have a TOL land with a 2 rooms house on it.. In my wife's name.. Another 2 pieces of land in Dungun .. One is my wife's inheritence and the other we bought in bukit merah, padang pulut Dungun shared between my wife and her brother.. So you see.. I will have to tumpang rumah mertua atau rumah isteri saya sekira saya pencen dan tinggal di Gganu..
Anak masih sekolah..
Pekerja baru Petronas kebanyakannya tidak sedar mereka perlukan bimbingan... Oldfolks like me was re-employed to bimbing mereka sambil memerhatikan tidak banyak kebocoran wang ke saku contractor Oil and Gas akibat dari kurang pengertian pekerja muda di bidang ini..
Semuga Allah meredhai apa saja yang kita lakukan seikhlas hati kita..

Lee said...

Hi Wan Sharif, I sure miss nasi dagang and ikan percik.
What you had looks really delicious.
Hope one day we can meet and have nasi dagang....
You have a nice day.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
Ish....kecur lior kucing-kucing belaka.... lain kali royak bui-lah kata ada sarapan(g) a la gganu di Cheras....buleh kami anok beranok berarak ke sana.... purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

Ayoh Wang,

Bukang setakat Cats anok beranok je tau..hehe.

Dok dang nok makang hok sebut tu, pendek sangat masa dan sibuk dengan urusan keluarga.

Can't afford yet to go back and enjoy the Ganu pace like Pak Cik said..kat sini the kuehs banyak yg modified, not the original like Ganu's...nak buat tak berbaloi..hehe


ninotaziz said...

Sedapnya Nasi Dagang! And Laksam looks divine. You are very lucky to have your dear wife cook for you like this.

I took break from writing. And your post might cause me a longer break. I think I will cook nasi dagang for the kids tomorrow. No steaming though!

I know Rudy will be shocked.

ninotaziz said...

Yes, I did cook the Nasi Dage. They loved it!

Wan Sharif said...

Brother Lee,
I believed it is high time for Mrs. Lee to find some recipe and try to cook nasi dagang for you :)) and for two of you to try barbequeing some fishes and put them under percik sauce.. I am sure there are our people in your areas who will be keen to share their expertise .. at the embassy probably..
I believed fishes and tuna in Canada are a lot tastier than in those grown in the not so clean busy strait of Malacca.. non!

Wan Sharif said...

CfS dearest,
Laq bukang takboh ghoyak tapi mokwang malu nok ajak orang mari makang dirumah kalu tak dok function.. kot dok cukop..
Lagi pong kate die ..
nampok besarang sangat eh..
nok jeput orang merate..
macang lah die massok tu sedakk sangak..
ha ha ha sesekali kecek Gganu beh jugok ;)

Wan Sharif said...

Cheqna dearest,
Khabbor jugok pasal komen Cheqna dengan Cats.. tapi respond Mokwang dok nappok nok sunggoh..kalu tebeng trehh kekgi bunnyi lain pulok.. kita tahuu saing saing gurra je ;)
Ha ha dok ape kalau dok dang trek tu ada umor kita boleh makan pulok lain kali.. he he..
PokCik tu memang lah dia terlebih relak banyok pada kita hok kaih pagi makan tengohari nie.. lagi pun tempat dia tu masih ramai orang yang masih berusaha berniaga kecil kecilan ..untuk survival.. menasabah lah kalu dia senentiasa gi belli makanan di luar pun .. membantu ekonomi setempat;)
Kena ada ramai orang appreciate dan ramai orang makan barulah berbaloi massok makanan ekzotik tu.. that was why I ada jemput ahli keluarga dan kekadang saing rodong mari makan.. then baru ada makanan yang jarang juppa.. macam tapai pulut hari itu.. setahun sekali ajer juppa.. hari raya.. tu pun kalu ayohwang dan cari daun jambu laut.. 3 hari sebelum raya ;((

Wan Sharif said...
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Wan Sharif said...

Ninot Dearest,
Ha ha ha.. It was time to take some break from your writing.. to smell the flowers.. you wrote the other day.. or for this case to try your hand on your nasi dagang on your periok tembaga.. and to feast on your nasi Dagang he he he..
It intrigued me a little on your mode of preparing the nasi Dagang but as long as Rudy and your lovely childrens enjoy it.. who am I to make a fuss ;)
Am sure glad that my post has enable Rudy and your loved one to have nasi dage on their menu during the weekend..
Psst.. we normally have nasi dagang dari pagi sampai petang ;)
Dari jauh Ayohwang berkirim salam to all your loved one..

Cheqna said...

Assalamualaikum Ayoh Wang,

If Ninot is taking some time off from writing, you yourself has taken "some some some" weeks of..hehehe..

Been a long while since I last made nasi dagang, I think during raya many many years ago..thou I'm okay with nasi dagang, making of the lauk ikang tu "dok panda" buak..sokmo jadi macang lauk kari ikang biasa..dok abih belajo, hehe


Wan Sharif said...

Cheqna dearest,
I was rather busy to seriously update the blog.. the new look blog meant that the old one is not supported.. nak kena belajar lagi lah tu..
Last week end kena kerja di Kuantan dan Kemaman.. banyak sangat gangguan untuk bertenang mengadap PC.. so malam ni try update kalau tak tertidor dulu ;)