Thursday, November 15, 2012

A note on worldly life - Part 1

This is a note taken from a tazkirah at the main mosque in my area.. Masjid Al-Ubudiah, Kampung Ampang Tasik and the teacher - Ustaz  Shahril Long, one of my favorite teacher who can quote the verse from the book (almost at will). For the lack of time I am going to partition the tazkirah's note to 3 parts.

The worldly life is nothing but illusory enjoyment (003:185)
Human beings may be disillusioned by worldly life on three matters or ways:-
  1. worldly wealth
  2. Worldly position
  3. Worldly power
1. Worldly Wealth

One who has worldly wealth is exemplified by Qarun, who when asked how do he got to be so rich.. His answer to the question is recorded in the Book.
He said "This is given to me because of the knowledge (I have) with me".028:078

He has been disillusioned by his wealths and has become arrogant.

The danger of being wealthy are illustrated in :-
 Should Allah expand His provision to His servants ( to full extent), they would spread mischief on the earth..042:027

 In fact, man crosses the limit. He deem himself to be free of needs..096: 006-007

by no means!(can he ransoms himself out). It is a raging fire that will pull out the skin of the scalp. It will call him who had turn his back and fled away (from the truth) and accumulated (wealth) and hoarded (it).070: 015-018

The end of man disillusioned by worldly wealth is recorded as:-
We made him and his home sink into the earth. So there was no group for him who can help him against Allah nor was he one of those who can defend themselves.028:081

Happy new year (Selamat menyambut Awwal Muharram)


Al-Manar said...

I cannot help feeling you have all the three, not in an excessive way, I mean. I know you are trying to take advantage of the three for a good purpose. So if one is not disillusioned the three are useful and benefitial assets. That is my thought.

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest Abang Hassan,
Thank you for your kind comments . You were right (in your thinking) as usual.. I have all three parts but need some calm thinking to make the rest more readable. I was posting this post in hurry trying to wish (whoever left of) my kind readers Selamat menyambut awal Tahun Hijrah or Awal Muharram.
N.B. replied earlier this new blog format is not helping ..I supposed

ajax85 said...

Bnyknya duit..hehehe

Wan Sharif said...

Khabarnya si Qarun tu kunci peti2 harta dia saja harus di pikul oleh beberapa ekor unta.. hehe

m.u.l.a.n said...

moga kita dilimpahkan dgn kekayaan amalan yg baik.. jugak sentiasa redha & bersyukur dgn dugaan/nikmat rezeki yg diberi Ilahi..

Wan Sharif said...

TQ m.u.l.a.n. for stopping by.
Amin Ya rabbal alamin..
Has been guilty for neglecting the blog favouring the simpler facebook although I know FB does not record well.
I guess I will revert to blogging soon enough

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