Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yohteh of merentap sengsara inspired this entry. You can read it here.

Whenever the word merdeka was mentioned.. the story about A Roman General (Georgius?) and Muslim warrior Khalid ibnu Walid come to my mind.

The Roman General came to the Khalid's tent holding a white flag..
When Khalid came out of his tent, the Roman General said " Khalid, can you answer me truthfully, for an INDEPENDENT MAN (orang yang MERDEKA) will always tell the truth".

Khalid said " I will tell you the truth"

The Roman General said "Is it true that Allah has sent down a sword to you.. hence you are nicknamed as Saifullah (Sword of Allah)".

Khalid said "No, Allah does not send a sword down to me".

The Roman General said " If I revert to Islam now.. will my Islam will be as good as yours?"

Khalid said "No, yours will be better than mine.. you see. we have Muhammad (pbuh) amongst us, we see how he behave, how he talk ..etc.. hence we believe him to be the Allah's Messenger.. but you are yet to see him.. yet you believe in him as Allah's Messenger".

Roman General asked " How do I revert to Islam?"

Khalid said " You have to recite ..There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is messenger of Allah, cleanse yourself and perform two rakaah prayer".

The Roman General thus reverted to Islam...

May Allah give us guidance to be merdeka enough..

May the last 10 days of Ramadhan bring us the good fortune of being granted by Allah "Merdeka dari Api Neraka"..


Siti Roffini said...

Insya Allah for "Merdeka dari api neraka" for me and all Muslims the world over. Amin.

Wan Sharif said...

Amin ya rabbala'lamin..
Salam to you and that xnuripilot.. may you and your family's Ramadhan be better than the previous..
Selamat Eidulfitri maaf dzahir bathin.. will be going home to Gganu from 4th to 13th Sept..most probably be without the wideband then.. huk..huk..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
Please do this for us when you're in Gganu: not eat nasi dagang, no akok, no ICT or SCT, no roti paung, no kerpok lekor...alah...puasa 6 ajelah... hehehe
Oh, get one of those mobile modems. Lest you get internet withdrawal symptom. purrr....meow!

yohteh said...

...a tip of the iceberg... was it me in the netsphere who inspired you to write on this acute perspective of Merdeheka..??? thanks Ayoh Wang and I feel great...

sot said...

Very inpiring meaning of merdeka in the story. Thank you for sharing.

Wan Sharif said...

Salam Yohteh,
A drop of water in the the ocean may be insignificant but a drop of dew on the tip of grass is so beautiful, eye catching etc..
It is an acute perspective of merdeheka (an old Malay term for merdeka..used in Kitab Kuning) all right..
But then again the message here is Merdeka (independent) men speak the truth.. those who do not speak the truth are not independent, slaves of men???!!
If I heard it correctly..Allah created the hell because men tell lies..
If we do some search n the AlQuran, the word mukazzibin, kazaba, and similar words related to lies and people who tell lies in AlQuran, you might find that they runs in hundreds probably..
Wallahu a'lam

Wan Sharif said...

Salam sot,
Thank you for the visit and your kind comment.

Wan Sharif said...

So careless of me.. to forget Cis comment.. maaf yer...
Tak aper I can follow CiS wish not to eat all those..my favorite being pulut cawan, nasi minyak, nasi berlauk and laksam..
Luckily the places where I am staying dah ada internet.. slow but available.. So tak payah beli mobile modem..