Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I thought I felt very generous today.. I feel like I will share two stories with my readers.. however, weird the title may be..

Tok Kenali (seated extreme left) with Pendeta Za'aba- from Google

A well known Malay Ulama, Tok Kenali (1868-1933) has built “pondok school” (aptly named Pondok Kenali in Kampung Kenali) to teach religious subjects in close vicinity of his house in Kubang Kerian. As he has stayed in Mecca, the Muslim Holy Land for some 20 years to diligently study various branch of religion.. It was not long, that students as far as Johor, Perlis, Kedah,Patani, Indonesia and Cambodia came to learn from him. (for more detail you can read from

His offspring also followed his lessons but being children, they tend to let loose their curiosity and playfulness, at some unappropriate time.

That does not escaped the watchful eyes of their mother who at one time told Tok Kenali..

“Abe.. ore dari pucok Kedoh nun maghi ngajji di pondok kito.. anok anok kito tu dok kube dale baroh”

“Dear Hubby.. People come from as far as Kedah to learn at our Pondok.. our sons are whiling away their time in a small pool of water (buffalo water hole)” Translation.

“Mung ni mek mace mace lah. Acu mung tengok tahi kambing bulat bulat tu.. mung getel ko sapo getel?”

“Darling wife.. you are lah. Have a look at goat’s excretion.. they are in round pellets form.. was it you who fashioned it to be round or was it someone else?” Translation.

The other story is from a friend's e-mail that come with a title "A Little Girl on a Plane"..

but googling the title.

It seem that it has been told several times over ..

with the latest modification poking at Umno's MP..

some filthy modification I would say..

and I thought better of sharing it here..

(you can google the complete title should that interest you..) ..

hence this rather short post.

Have a good productive days ahead.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
Is this a story or a riddle? I thought it should be: ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi. Or, bapak borek anak rintik? purrrr....meow!

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest CiS,
The story is complete as it is.. You got it all figured out as always..
The children of the great man go on to become good members of society following the example laid by their father..
There is not much we human can do.. apart from good sincere intention and unwavering effort to please Him.. then there is only prayers and tawakkal..
Many an ulama went out of their ways and be very protective of their offspring, forgetting that human errs.... Wallahua'lam

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
But then there's also the saying" don't visit the sins of the fathers upon the children. Ish ish ish....hok mana nok ikut ni? purrrr.....meow!

DrSam said...

Assalamualaikum Ayoh Wang. tahi kambing memang bulat-bulat. Silap haribulan boleh kompius dengan ma'jun power :)

Grandpa said...

Whether we like it or not children will somehow be influenced by the parents. We can teach, but more importantly are the examples we set under their watchful eyes.

Al-Manar said...

I wonder why 'getel' is translated as 'fashioned'. How would you describe the action for 'keropok lekor'?

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest CiS,
Now you are putting Ayoh Wang in a difficult corner.. I am at my Sis place in Seberang Baroh the only free internet available to me on ce moment la...
The expression "don't visit the sins of the fathers upon the children" evolved from the belief of other faith not ours.. I do blog on the subject "three brothers and cigarette" and "halal sustenance" , if it is of any help ...
As always when in doubt.. we say Wallahua'lam..

Wan Sharif said...

My.. what a light-hearted observation from you.. I am imagining a situation that someone is trying to consume ma'jun to better one health only to be at the butt end of someone's else practical joke..

Wan Sharif said...

Mm.. come to think of it you are absolutely correct.. hence the saying "why do you preach something that you don't practice".. Thank you for sharing your observation.

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Bang Hassan of Al-Manar,
Mm see you are always very observant.. now the word "getel" is probably more suitable than "to roll it up".. but my fascination with French language sometime got me to think of an alternative word, luckily a better one this time around..
The getel action of making "keropok lekor'.. mm.. come to think of it.. if I have time to think hard about it.. I would still choose the word "fashioned" over probably "mould or rolled it"
Pst.. bahasa omputih bekas penghuni pulau Duyong bukanlah bagus sangat.. C6 in MCE ha..ha..ha

Lee said...

Hi Wan Sharif, I enjoyed reading this, the different East Coast accent.....
I always had fun when in Trengganu and Kelantan where the bahasa accent is very interesting. The pronunciation especially.
Have a nice day. Lee.

Wan Sharif said...

Hi Brother Lee,
It is always enjoyable to speak in other's dialect or language.. as long as the one spoken to do not think we are belittling them.
Your experience was no doubt a delightful one as the Malays up in the east cost are friendly lots especially with people of different toungue trying to speak in their dialects.
There was time in a French restaurant in Nice, France.. that yours truly ordered some food from the menu.. The waiter waited for me to finish my order in broken French .. and then politely asked me to order in Anglais.. I must have confused him with my Terengganu French accent ha..ha..

Aishah said...

I enjoyed the post but I enjoyed the comments and responses more;)

Your response to the first comment, to me, sums it all up as perfect as can be. Thank you.

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Aishah,
Glad you are also one of those who read all - post, comments and responses..
There are a lot of stories about that great man.. but this one I heard sometime back is more to my liking as it involved simple observation and that we human should always act along the path defined to get His pleasure above anything else.
Many a respected and learned men fell off grace as a result of their failure to act on the defined path required to obtain His pleasure when their children commit acts unbecoming of a good Muslim.
May be you remember the saying of Rasulullah +- "Should Fatimah (Daughter of Rasulullah) were to be found guilty of stealing, her hand would be chopped off as punishment". Wallahua'lam.

Aishah said...

Yes, as Muslims and parents, we must carry out our duties and we must surrender and pray that our children will be "anak yang beriman dan beramal soleh" because as in the last verse of surah At-Takwir that I just learned - And you cannot will unless Allah wills, Rabbula'lamin. May Allah forgive all our sins and keep our faith.

Wan Sharif said...

Amin Ya Rabbal alamin..
Aishah.. I could not agree more with you on your comments.. We cannot expect for anything to happen unless Allah wills it.. here and in hereafter..
May Allah's Maghfirah and Rahmah be with us always..

Anonymous said...

my great grand father came all the way from Indonesia to his Pondok.... He had another version but the same meaning

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Anonymous.
Thank you for leaving you comments and I would be extremely grateful to be allowed to read your great grand father's version.. kindly share it with us.. please!!!

Anonymous said...

ok Wan
I dont know how to say it but mafhum nya lebih kurang begini,"Kalu pokok tu jenis berduri tumbuh di hutan di padang pun berduri juga ia" actualy dia sebut nama pokok itu.

Satu lagi yg menarik ,kalau betul diperkatakan org is sebelum dia mati dia kena diabetic, kaki dia berkudis dan berulat...tiap kali dia nak solat dia asingkan ulat2 itu dari kaki nya dan lepas solat dia letakkan balik , kata nya itu dah rezki ulat.Dua tiga tahun lepas saya menonton Nat.Geog/Discovery channel tunjukkan new finding in the medical world ulat2 diguna untuk makan the dead part pd kaki2 orang2 diabetic, terapi ulat.

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Anonymous,
thank you for sharing your great grandpa version.. agree with you that it mean the same thing..
The second part of your comment on the ulat ..saya pun pernah dengar ..mengenali keunikan Tok Kenali ini.. Kita orang kampung memandang itu sebagai suatu kebaikan beliau dengan makhluk Allah.. dan terapi ulat itu mungkin beliau tahu atau hanya sanya beliau kaitkan dengan ketentuan Allah meletakkan ulat dari telur lalat untuk mencari rezeki di kudis beliau.. Wallahua'lam

Anonymous said...

Ayoh Wang;

U remind me of my Ustaz Ridzwan, from Kampong Tok kenali, Kubang Kerian.

Being the pionerring batch at MRSM Kalae Chepo 73-77, we had this Ustaz Ridzwan; purpotedly a cucu of Tok Kenali.

But this Ustaz Ridzwan is knownst amongst us as Ustaz GOMO. Everything he teaches us relates to GOMO.

Sadly, I have not met ar had the chance to see him when we last parted ways after MCE.

May ALLah bless his soul.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73.
P/s tok jauh dari Surau Nik Ajis tu....

Wan Sharif said...

Thank you again MRSM Kalae Chepa 66/77
for sharing your thought on the subject.. What more can Ayoh Wang asked.. you stopped 3 times .. Syukran semoga Allah membalas kebaikan tuan.