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SilaturRahim (Familial relationship) Part 1

Allah the Exalted had said to the womb: +-"I Am ArRahman and thou womb (rahim), I will curtail my blessing against people who break up family relations and I'll continue my blessing to people who keep family relations”.

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Abul Laits (narrated by sanad of'Abdullah bin Abi Aufa ra) said: +-"At one time we were together the evening of Arafat suddenly Messenger of Allah said:" Do not sit with us those who terminate familial relationships, so get out of our midst.

But no one except the one who sit behind the Messenger of Allah, stand up and moved out, but soon he was back and was then asked by the Messenger of Allah: "Why do you, because no one stood up except you?"

He said, "O Messenger of Allah, when I heard what you have said, I immediately went to the home of my auntie that broke relationship with me.

She asked me: "Why did you come and your arrival is very strange?".

"So I tell her what I heard from you, then she read istighfar for Allah to forgive me and I read istighfar for Allah to forgive her."

Rasul s.a.w. said: "Well done! you can sit down now because mercy is not coming down for a tribe if any of them decide on terminating a family relationship."

Abul Laits said: "This hadith is a proof that terminating the familial relationship is a grave sin that can hinder mercy from him and his friends who are with him. So it's the duty of every Muslim to repent of the termination of the family ties and to istighfar to Allah for forgiveness and immediately work to improve the family ties to seek blessings of Allah and keep oneself away from the hell fire."

Abul-laits (narrated by sanad of Yahya bin Salim) said: "Long ago, in Mecca, there is a good man from Khurasan that ordinary people entrust all their property to. Then there was a businessman who entrusted him a sum of ten thousand dinars and he went away on his business.

Shortly after, the businessman came back to Mecca and found out that the man he have entrusted his money is dead.

So the businessman asked his family and his children on the money.

They replied: "We are not aware of anything as he does not tell us anything”.

Then the man asked the scholars of Muslim jurists." I gave a person ten thousand dinars, and now the person is dead and I asked his families and their children, they did not know anything about it, then how do you think? "

The scholar answered:" We expect that he maybe the occupant of the Garden, so late night this evening, you go and call his name at the inside of Zamzam well it and say: "Hello so and so, I am the one who entrusted you the money... "

So the advice is implemented and the businessman called the name of the person three times, but did not get any answers. Then he went back to the scholars who told him.

They said: 'Inna wa inna lillahi ilaihi raji'un, we are afraid lest your friend is occupant of the Fire, and now you go to Birhut in Yaman, there is a well, if you call late at night: " Hello so and so, I am the one who entrusted you the money.... " and when he implemented the advice and called only once have he received answer from the man.

The businessman asked:" Poor you, why are you here, but you're a good person then? "

The man said," I have a family in Khurasan, but I sever the familial relationship with them until death overcome me, then God punish me for that and put me here, as for your money it is still there and I did not entrust the money to anyone, even to my children, your money is buried beneath my home. You can asked permission to enter my house, then you go and dig the site I have shown you, then you will get your money in full . "

So he went and asked permission from the children to dig up a designated place and found that all his property was still intact.

There was another story similar to the above. The entrusted man that went to Mecca and studied there for umpteen years and did not bother to keep his relationship to his older sister in Patani, Thailand.

The storyline for this Patani man was almost the same as the man from Khurasan but have a better ending.. because the businessman went back to the well and asked him whether he can do anything to help. The man told the businessman that he has some money buried beside businessman’s money.

Can the businessman go to visit his sister in Patani, give her his money, relate his current difficulty, ask her forgiveness on not going back to her for many years? the man asked.

The businessman granted and performed all that was requested, got the sister’s forgiveness and came back to find that the entrusted man did not answer to the call inside the Birkut well. He visited the Zamzam well and gladly found out that his entrusted friend answered his call indicating that he was forgiven and now a dweller of the garden.

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Lee said...

Hi Wan Sharif, interesting reading.
I guess as the saying goes, 'to err is human, to forgive divine'.
You stay easy, have a pleasant week.

Wan Sharif said...

Hi Lee,
When I posted my entry in early morning , bolehland time, I suppose it is afternoon in Canada.. hence you and those in Europe hold some advantage to see the post during normal non-sleeping hours..
Thank you for stopping by and dropping kind remarks..
Two of you please have an exhilarating weekend.. angling??

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
Those three cuddling felines are cute...awesome photoshop effort. hik hik hik

Syurga bagi yang menjalin dan memelihara us! purrr....meow!

DrSam said...

Assalamualaikum Ayoh Wang. A good article and a good reminder.

Mungkin banyak dari kita menganggap remeh silaturrahim. Padahal dalam silaturrahim terkandung makna yang besar dan mendalam, bahkan silaturrahim adalah salah satu akhlak islami yang dicontohkan Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

Unknown said...

Thank you for reminding me about the importance of hablum minna'nas!

yohteh said...

Ayoh Wang... no comment..!

Wan Sharif said...

Thank you for your kind comments.. When I posted that picture I do expect some comments from you.. ;))

Wan Sharif said...

Salam DrSam,
Saya rasa meremehkan hubungan kekeluargaan itu bukan lah benda baru.. Itulah yang di anjurkan oleh Syayatin.. supaya dia dapat menjeruskan manusia bersama nya kedalam Al Jahim..
Rasulullah menunjukkan contoh untuk segala yang dapat mendekatkan manusia ke redha Allah..
May we be nearer to His pleasure and further from His displeasure.. sokmo

Wan Sharif said...

Hablum minannas is as crucial as hablum MinaLLAH.. but then we can always ask Allah for His forgiveness as we are sure He is always there.. but when we sinned with mankind.. we have to meet them to ask for their forgiveness.. which I believed is nit that easy...

Wan Sharif said...

Yohteh.. thank you for penning your no comment.. abstaining from making is also a form of comment so one of my blogger friend's comment ;)).
I appreciate it all the same.. as it indicate you still open my most recent post..:)

Aishah said...

Thank you Wan Sharif for the reminder. It made me review if I had any forgiveness to be asked for now, before it is too late.

Wan Sharif said...

Thank you Aishah for reminding me.. so who is reminding who now?:)
I sure have a lot of forgiveness to be asked myself..;)