Friday, June 24, 2011

Green Iguana

I was encouraged the other day when a fellow blogger write about billion acts of green (read here)

I have been keeping this photograph for about 3 weeks now. You can see a rubber pipe about 30 inches in length with some plastic rope attached to it (after this referred to as “the contraception”).

Pictures of puppy and iguana below are from google.

Can you imagine a puppy similar to the one in the picture having that contraception firmly tied to one of its leg. That was how I saw a very tired puppy trying to lie down under a tree that Friday afternoon. I can swear to God that I remember seeing the puppy smiling to itself as she was in the process of lying down, as if it was happy to have a breather. I saw the contraception then but was not to keen to to take it out and reduce the puppy’s misery as I was not too sure it will not bite me in the process.

I went back to MIL house and inquire about the puppy.. if any boys are hurting them. The news I got was not encouraging. There were about five to six puppies about two week old being born in the rundown warehouse in very close vicinity of my MIL house. The male dog that fathered the puppies has been hunting kampong folks' chickens to feed the puppies. Neighbor's boys were seen to do things that might have hurt those dogs.

At about six in the evening I met the eldest of the neighbor’s boy and told him “Uncle saw a small puppy that has a long water pipe tied to its leg resting under a tree.. uncle think that the puppy is dying and uncle believe the one who tied the pipe will have to answer to God in the hereafter. He asked me for the location of the tree and bolted. I saw him near that tree but somehow he missed to see the puppy and I thought maybe the puppy has gone somewhere else…

At dusk on the same day, I passed by that tree and saw a dead puppy in the same position (minus the smile) as I saw him in the afternoon . It stayed there untouched for another two days and on the fourth day I only saw spools of puppy’s hair in the vicinity. The iguanas (which are rather numerous in the nipah bush some 50 meter from the tree) must have done a good job.

Talking of iguanas.. I have a friend whose mother has some hectares of virgin land(read jungle) in Kuala Kerai. One fine day he invited his Siamese friends to camp with him there. The Siamese friends volunteered to take care of the land for him for a month since my friend’s mother was still searching for a caretaker. The Siamese friends stayed there for about 2 weeks, fearing the worst my friend went back to the land. Somehow the area stinks.. and he noticed few dead animals as he traversed the land. Seeing that nothing amiss, he called his friends to enquire the reason for abruptly leaving the land.. “There are no more iguanas and swine to be caught in the area” was the reply (read no free meat supply). The absence of Iguanas means that there are no animal to eats the dead animals... hence the rotten smell of the jungle area.

In my ~20 days a year visits to Dungun and Kuala Terengganu I have on some occasions encountered swine and their offspring running across the small bushes besides the road in early morning. The reasons seems to be as there are no more enemy (read tiger) and the Malays are not eating them.. the swine thrive very well in Terengganu.

Maybe in our effort to be green, we may want to take into consideration the existence of animals which in a way contribute to our well-being.

Have a good weekend..


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
We learned very early on from Mama about symbiotic relationship. The existence of one species depend very much on another species. Like in the case of the swines and the iguanas. And when humans interfere, the balance is somehow disturbed and there you have it - swines thriving in Trengganu. You know what the humans will do next? The shortsighted ones of course, they'll start shooting those swines. Thinking that they'll solve the problem. Vicious! purrr....meow!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with CiS about the symbiotic relationship of our eco-system.'

But the poor puppies? They are just victims of cruelty, I say!

School Of Tots said...

Please be nice to animals. They are God creation as well.

Pak Idrus said...

This morning walking at the pathway in Ampang Point I came across a mousetrap with a live mouse in it, possibly left to die in the sun. I step back and freed the mouse by releasing the door of the mousetrap cage. At first it refused to get out but eventually ran away as fast as it could toward freedom. A young lady watch me behind the window with a smile. I felt real good after I released that trapped mouse.

To me we human have no right to killed any species that are part of our ecosystem. Without it we would be as well considered dead as well. Do be kind to animals. I am against any type of killing.

Take care folks.

Wan Sharif said...

Dear CfS,
Nice to know you have learnt about symbiotic relationship. Such were the perfect relationship between HIS creation that any disturbance to the balance will disturb the equilibrium..
I will only discuss what I am going to write after this sentence with you or may be with your Auntie N.. so brace yourself.
There is a friend who befriended a knowledgeable person from Saudi if I am not mistaken.. This Saudi guy said structurally.. swine meat is halal but when asked by my friend would he eat swine meat.. he curtly say no..
With the population of swine that Malaysia have.. and the high price of swine comparative to pork in Europe.
It would be a worthy multi billion industry.. swine meat.. if and only if it is really halal.
Care to do further research on this ;))

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest VersedAnggerik,
Such were our kampung Malays values brainwashed from cradle perhaps.
There was one ustaz who said (long time ago).. " Malays(of old) who drive behind a lorry carrying pigs will spit continuously but the same guy will drool should he follow a lorry carrying beer"
I have heard there are a lot of us who will not want to see meat of pig should they pass through a Chinese wet market.. but he same Malay would not mind spending hours watching hardcore blue film.. ;((
Maybe it is a high time to re-instill the right value.. Non?!

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest School of Tots,
There is not many good reasons not to be nice to animals.. They are to some the light of our life.. our religion teaches us to be kind to them..
There is a famous Hadith about a not so good woman who was granted the paradise just because she has expended her good effort to supply water (she scooped the water using her shoes) to a very thirsty dogs..
May the Muslim be guided ..not be unkind to animals..

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Pak Idrus..
I believe you are right in letting the mouse out of trap and left to die under the sun.
I heard there is/are sayings that we can kill the pests (Wallahua'alam) but then again there is a lot of sayings that we have to be merciful even to those animal that we slaughter for food.. using very sharp knife..etc.
May Allah bless us and our loved one Sokmo..

ninotaziz said...

Watch National Geography documentary (I think) about the world after humans are gone. It takes care of itself.

But then we were meant to be khalifah on this beautiful world. Our responsibility encompasses the welfare of the animals too.

On swines - it is hard to get over the doubt and years of conditioning. But remember, in darurat and medicine all is allowed as a final measure in the interest of survival.

My heart goes out to the poor puppy. But hopefully the boys would have learnt a lesson.

Wan Sharif said...

Dearest Ninot,
Glad to know that the hearts of many of us go to the poor puppy..
That, incidently is raison d'ĂȘtre for this post.
I have seen too much cruelty committed to animals especially dogs.. sometimes for the wrong reasons - najis mughallazah?!#$@*
IMHO.. dogs are not created to be victimised.. least of all by Muslims.