Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ustazs stories

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At last after so many presentations, many “burn a midnight oil” nights.. yours truly get to start that much–awaited operation.. drilling two wells (back to back) to determine the presence of oil leg.. hoping to turn two proven gas fields to two proven oil fields, InsyaALLAH… I am so excited about all this that I am going to show you a part of the digital copy of the approval that allow the drilling rig at the location..

Psst all my 30+years in this business.. this is the first time I see this kind of approval ;)

I have not been updating this blog since first Ramadhan and thought I would like to share with readers some of the not so good stories gathered at the surau tazkirahs.. I am not putting these stories to ridicule anybody, they are recorded here just to remind us the condition of some of our brothers-in-religion.

The ustaz(teacher) was going to a mosque about 40 km from his place in Penang. He started at 6 p.m. hoping to reach the mosque in time for Maghrib (sunset) prayer. Somehow there was a massive jam on the Penang Bridge - a car has turned turtle and he only managed to reach the mainland at about half past 7 p.m. After travelling for sometime, he told his friend that they have to stop for Maghrib prayer. They finally stopped at a small madrasah, a small building used by Muslim to conduct their Jumaah (congregational) prayer.

There seemed to be some confusion as there were men who have completed their prayer, some who were in the middle of doing it and others who are talking (rather unhappily) about it. Somebody in the group came to ustaz and said “you are wearing a headgear that is rather tall.. may be you can solve our problem” The ustaz said he do not know much.. but the man said “you see.. our imam (the one who lead congregational prayer) stopped his prayer in the middle of sujud (prostration) and we waited and waited until somebody raised his head from sujud and quipped - the imam has ran away!”. They stopped their prayer and searched for the imam and found him to be sitting on madrasah’s verandah smoking his cigarette.

The man (who is supposed to be imam) said “I told you all that I do not know how to lead the prayer (be an imam).. I could not control my fart in the middle of my sujud.. so after I farted.. I did not know what to do.. so I jumped out of the window that was two feet away from the imam's place of prayer and sit on the verandah to cool off..

The ustaz told the crowd that they have no other choice other than to do the congregational prayer again.

This story was related by Chairman of surau committee after a very futile effort of getting ustaz to give a tazkirah at our surau.

Then there was a young man who has fallen for imam’s beautiful daughter.. he came to the mosque for most of prayers wearing nice dress with a piece of cloth (normally used as turban) on his shoulder. After months of befriending the imam, he managed to get the permission to bring his parent to ask for the hand of the imam’s daughter. A marriage quickly followed and on one fine day, the imam told all his children and spouses that they will perform congregational Maghrib prayer at the Imam’s house that day.

The young man brought out his newly married wife to go somewhere and managed to come back to the imam’s house some 10 minute after the Azan (call) for Maghrib prayer.. when he reached the house he noticed that the Imam was leading the prayer.. he joined them and stopped when the Imam finished his prayer..

Somehow his brother in law noticed that the young man prayed only two rakaah instead of the obligatory three rakaah for maghrib prayer.. this fact was relayed to his wife and the wife went to their room to tell her husband..

On hearing that his in-laws were concerned about his two rakaat maghrib prayer .. the young man said “ all of you are the same.. so petty.. I performed a prayer with one rakaat less and you all were making so much noise” ;(

Have a nice search for the night of power.. Lailatul Qadr and Selamat berpuasa to all who fast.

Have a nice weekend to all.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ayoh Wang,
Biasalah tu, alim2 kucing masa belum dapat, dah dapat rupanya harimau! If that bridegroom is from 'Gganu, he'd probably say, mujo solat! We miss you in blogosphere, mate! purrrr *giggles*

Al-Manar said...

Ayah Wang, dari mana pulok buleh cerita cerita ni? Tak dok ke cerita makan makan buka puasa?Di Tganu kita sema orang boleh kurma dan air zam zam dari MB. Pakcik pun boleh jugak.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Pakcik dear, fancy meeting you here. Kita buleh solat tarawih lagi dengan MB tuh di Masjid Geliga last weekend. Mujo dok jadi nok U-turn ke Masjid Sultan Ahmad. heheheh...sorry Ayoh Wang. Sembang pulok dengan Pokcik Hassan ssining. purrrr *giggles*

Wan Sharif said...

Dear CfS,
Mmm.. the end justify the means eh.. Itulah agaknya orang dulu spent quite a good time merisek.. to check on the bride or groom's background to encertain that there will be no unwanted future surprises ;))
Now that we have HIV lah, dadah lah, dadah "mule" lah.. maybe merisek should be more stringent Non?!
Kalu di Gganu.. memang di Gganu banyok mujor pada dok ..
May Ramadhan bring you and yours Allah's pleasure, His Magfirah and freedom from Hellfire.. Amiiiiiin

Wan Sharif said...

Salam Abang Hassan,
cerita di kutip dari mini tazkirah yang di adakan di surau surau dan juga di masjid conducted after 4 or 8 rakaah of Tarawih prayer.
Ada juga cerita buka puasa keluarga di rumah saya pada 17 Ramadhan baru ini but then semua orang yang involved cuti Nuzul AlQuran selain saya.. jadi apabila saya balik dari kerja baru dapat bermesra dengan kebanyakan anak anak saudara yang tersangat mesra dengan saya.. tak sempat nak plan the occasion to be a bloggable event :)
Cerita buka puasa di Hotel.. arghhhhh terlalu memenatkan puasa.
May Ramadhan bring you, kakak dan all your loved one (students included) Allah's Mercy, Rahmah, Pleasure, Barakah and Magfirah and May you two see many more Ramadhan.

Wan Sharif said...

You are welcome to sembang here anytime.. boleh juga saya tumpang dengar sembang you all:)
Orang Gganu kata "bang dengor"

yohteh said...

...glelek jugok bila bace... moleklah wak tubik slagi ada cerita, penglipur lara, wak cotoh ke orang muda-muda di hujung-hujung Ramadhan ni... dok ggitu keneh?

...selamat berbuka puasa Ayoh Wang...

Wan Sharif said...

Maaf tertulis huruf besar pulak.. tengah dok galak menanti berita dari kapal boreng.. kerja lah tu deh..
gembira juga bila cerita begini sedikit sebanyak menghiburkan sambil memberi secalit keinsafan :)

Affandi Kondifen said...

Salam TH Wan,

Terima kasih kerana sudi share bahan cerita. Menghiburkan.

Ramadhan Kareem & Eid Mubarak.

Wan Sharif said...

Walaikumussalam TH Affandi..
Terima kasih kembali..
terkejut hippo saya
tiba tiba orang jauh berkirim salam..
gembiranya hati tidak terkira..
dari jauh menyampaikan khabar.
Tak ke Tanah Air ke idil fitri ni?